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Newgrounds is where I made my start as a well known internet person, for making Animator vs. Animation. I thank Newgrounds for that.

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Posted by noogai - August 8th, 2013

I have 3 days left in my Kickstarter campaign. It's SO CLOSE! But if I don't reach the goal, I don't get funded at all. zero. And then I won't make Animator vs. Animation IV.

So if you haven't already, please share this link with all of your friends, and if you can, please pledge towards the goal!

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1650065662/a nimator-vs-animation-iv-animated-short-film

Thank you!!!!!!



Posted by noogai - July 12th, 2013

Hey Newgrounds, I wanted to thank you again for being my platform to fame.

I need your help to make the greatest Animator vs. Animation ever! This is no longer just a stick animation. I'll be incorporating live action compositing (video+animation) and doing things you've never seen. For example, I plan to have the animation interact with a user on a touchscreen phone. It'll add up to an estimated 300-400 hours. I'm launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund it. If you help, you get rewaaaaaaarrrrrrds.

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1650065662/a nimator-vs-animation-iv-animated-short-film

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Animator vs. Animation IV!!

Posted by noogai - October 5th, 2011


So I get a lot of emails, and probably the top two questions asked are:

how did you make animator vs animation???????


can u teach me how to do that?????????

so to answer those two questions, I've started a video tutorial series on YouTube explaining how to use Adobe Flash, as well as my personal techniques.

check it out!

http://www.youtube.com/alanbeckertutor ials

Alan Becker

Alan Becker Flash Tutorials

Posted by noogai - August 31st, 2010

After a year of work, Animator vs. Animation III is complete!!! It is due for release on atom.com on October 4th, 2010. It's been 4 years since I finished the first and second ones, and since then I've gotten a lot better at Flash animation. So this one rocks both of their socks off combined.

Watch the trailer!

http://www.atom.com/funny_videos/anima tor_vs_animation_3_flv/

-Alan Becker

EDIT!!!! The date has been changed to the 11th. My apologies... 4th was a tentative date.

Animator vs. Animation III

Posted by noogai - October 12th, 2009

I've been getting a lot of requests to make the Animator vs. Animation game, and people saying they can't wait for the game, so I thought I'd make sure everyone knows...

The Game is already MADE!

It was never put on newgrounds though, don't ask..
sorry for the lack of communication, in any case I hope you enjoy the game at

http://www.atom.com/fun_games/animator _vs_animation_game/


http://www.addictinggames.com/anivanig ame.html

Alan Becker

yeah, sorry guys, I don't remember how it happened, but the animator vs. animation game is exclusive to atom.com. very sad i know... but it's ok right???