Animator vs. Animation IV!!

2013-07-12 11:27:46 by noogai

Hey Newgrounds, I wanted to thank you again for being my platform to fame.

I need your help to make the greatest Animator vs. Animation ever! This is no longer just a stick animation. I'll be incorporating live action compositing (video+animation) and doing things you've never seen. For example, I plan to have the animation interact with a user on a touchscreen phone. It'll add up to an estimated 300-400 hours. I'm launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund it. If you help, you get rewaaaaaaarrrrrrds. nimator-vs-animation-iv-animated-short-film

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Animator vs. Animation IV!!


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2013-07-14 13:48:54

Look forward to it!


2013-07-18 14:34:26

Hey I sent you an email about making animator vs animation open source. I also talked to you about it on Kickstarter and you said you would look into it further.


2013-07-24 02:45:43

Whoa, that sounds really cool! Are you SERIOUS about it being 300 hours long???? O_o

noogai responds:

haha, no that's approximately how long it'll take. maybe closer to 400.