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Entry #5

3 DAYS!!!

8/8/13 by noogai

I have 3 days left in my Kickstarter campaign. It's SO CLOSE! But if I don't reach the goal, I don't get funded at all. zero. And then I won't make Animator vs. Animation IV.

So if you haven't already, please share this link with all of your friends, and if you can, please pledge towards the goal! nimator-vs-animation-iv-animated-short-film

Thank you!!!!!!



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I got so disappointed when I saw this but then I saw he got the money, so all I have to say is.

1. Better be an amazing animation, and I trust it is
2. Better be an amazing vacation, and don't you dare damn forget about use.
3. Sorry for the lost account man happens to almost everyone.
4. Please if it's the first one update, please update man.

It been like almost a year, and you reached the goal. But you have not yet made the movie yet. Such a dissapointment.

Oh, it got funded? Sweet. Looking forward to it!

It reached it's goal!!! YES! *triumphant music plays* YES!




Hey I never knew you went to CCAD, My cousin is Tom Richner :)

I am glad the goal was reached. (: I absolutely look forward to this.

when will it be complete?.... cant wait to see it!!

Goal reached! Congratulations, good to see that it'll be done.